Viper The Freak Steel Tip Darts Knurled and Grooved Barrel 22 Grams

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The Viper The Freak steel tip darts are designed with high quality, nickel silver plated barrels which offer exceptional balance and styling in a slim profile. Having a slim profile dart barrel is necessary to obtain a closer grouping of darts to maximizing scoring. Intended for use with sisal/bristle dartboards and are ideal for casual-to-intermediate level players. Each barrel has strategically placed knurled bands, deep grooves and rings that make excellent gripping points and encourages consistent hand placement. Viper "The Freak" darts are equipped with lightweight, Spinster Yukon aluminum shafts with locking holes. This unique spinning shaft rotates the flight after hitting the dartboard, which reduces the chance of deflection. Locking holes in the shaft allow for a tighter fitting to the barrel that improves stability and greatly reduces the need to retighten during play. Quality flights are constructed to help increase speed and reduce drag, delivering a consistent flight path for pinpoint accuracy; detailed graphics are prominently displayed for added flare. These darts include an additional set of convex nylon shafts, flights and a dart mechanic wrench.
  • Nickel plated alloy barrels provide best bang for the buck with high strength and smooth styling.
  • Evenly weighted barrels feature hand-painted rings and heavy knurling to ensure that your hand positioning is consistent throw after throw.
  • Polypro flights feature peculiar Freak graphics that will certainly make you darts stand out while serving to ensure that your darts fly true.
  • Spinster Yukon aluminum shafts rotate the flight after hitting the dartboard, which reduces the chance of deflection
  • Includes three fully assembled darts, three spare flights, three spare nylon shafts, and dart mechanic repair tool