Viper Edge Dart Throw Line Marker Skulls

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Step up your competition! The Viper Edge Dart Throw Line Marker helps keep players in line and toes behind the line. A precisely engineered Axis Rectifier Scale helps you adjust your stance consistently throw after throw, running your average even higher. High quality printing and heavy-duty resin will stand the test of time, after countless games. The sleek design and elegant sharpness complement a modern décor much better than that old piece of masking tape. Installation is a breeze, just measure, center, peel and stick.
  • Durable Throw Line - Heavy duty resin ensures that your throw line marker will stand up to the heaviest foot traffic
  • Throw Consistently - Axis Rectifier Scale, printed directly on the line, allows you to adjust your stance for consistent, accurate throws
  • Easy to Install - Just measure, peel and stick, regulation distance from the front of a dartboard is 7' 9.25" for steel tip, and 8' for soft tip
  • High Visibility - Eliminate foot fouls with this easy to see throw line, viewable in dimly lit rooms, or from the sideline