Viper Dimplex Dart Flights Slim Metallic Gold V-100 Series

Expertly designed for maximum control, the Viper Dimplex V-100 Flights will enhance your game in style. The intricate Hex Net Framework highlights the work done to create the bold flight pattern and accentuates the translucent color highlights. The high velocity textured pattern complements the colored Hexes for a complete look. The V-100 Flights' namesake comes from the 100-micron construction, imparting high tensile strength and unprecedented control. Available in Slim for higher speeds and multiple color options.
  • 100 micron construction gives high strength and durability
  • Intricate Hex Net Framework in metallic finish brings a new flair to your dart game
  • High Velocity Texture Pattern complements Hexes for a complete look
  • Available in numerous colors for extensive customization