Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart Set Turquoise Rings 18 Grams

Your dart game will shine even brighter with the Viper Diamond Soft Tip Darts, designed for electronic dartboards. The barrels of these darts are 90% tungsten, a durable metal that makes the world’s best darts. This is because tungsten’s high density allows the darts to be made slimmer, which allows for tighter groupings and higher scores. These barrels feature knurled bands and diamond-cut etchings so you have a comfortable and consistent throw each time you step up to the oche. They feature aluminum shafts that also have diamond-cut etchings for a unique look, as well as locking holes to keep them secure. To top it off, each set is adorned with high speed slim flights, perfect for soft tip darts. This soft tip dart set comes with three tungsten soft tip darts, three extra dart flights, six 2BA Tufflex II Dart Tips, flight protectors, a dart mechanic repair tool, and a hard-shell Deluxe Dart Pal dart case.
  • 90% Tungsten Barrels - The choice of any pro darter, tungsten darts are more durable than nickel or brass darts, and have a slim profile for tighter shot groupings and higher scores
  • Diamond-Etched Grip - Each dart barrel features three diamond-etched bands, which are separated with deep cut rings and thin knurled bands for a comfortable but strong grip
  • Aluminum Dart Shafts - Each dart features strong aluminum shafts with locking holes that keep them fastened to the barrel
  • Dart Case - The Deluxe Dart Pal dart case comfortably holds your darts and accessories, making sure you’ll have everything you need for a night of darts
  • Included - Three fully assembled Diamond Soft Tip Darts, 6 spare 2BA dart tips, 3 extra flights, flight protectors, and a dart wrench, which are all packed into the included hardshell case
  • Lifetime Barrel Guarantee - These tungsten darts are built to last and come with a lifetime barrel guarantee