Viper Dart Throw Line Precision Oche Light

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The Viper Dart Throw Line Precision Oche Light is the perfect hassle-free solution for any dartboard. No need to stick a throw line to your floor anymore, simply mount the lighted throw line to your wall with the included hardware and adjust it to the proper distance. With this precision throw line light, the need for adhesive throw lines or dartboard mats is eliminated at the mere push of a button. This accessory shines a concentrated beam of light onto your floor to mark your throw line, which can then be adjusted to shine at various points across the room. It works great for both steel tip and soft tip darts and is powered by four AA batteries or an optional adapter (not included).
  • A high tech way to mark your dart throw line.
  • Perfect for players of both steel tip and soft tip as the line is adjustable.
  • Set the marker once and there’s no need to worry about moving or adjusting once the game starts.
  • Mounts quickly and easily to the wall, mount once and never think about it again.
  • Powered by four AA batteries for a cord free experience.