V-100 Oryx Flights Slim Blue/White

The Viper Oryx dart flights utilize bold patterns and a translucent color design to add a unique twist. These slim dart flights are constructed from 100 micron material, giving you the durability to play all night.
  • Bold Design brings a new flair to your dart game
  • Aerodynamic stripe imparts a sense of high velocity
  • Hex pattern highlighted by UV overlay delivers a subtle texture
  • 100 micron construction gives high strength and durability

A set of slim sized flights.  One set includes three individual flights.  These are great for tight groupings due to less deflection.  You won't have to worry about big flights getting in the way, the slim flights have a lower profile so lower chances of them hitting each other.  Mostly used with lighter weighted darts.

Heavy duty 100 micron thick flights in vibrant solid colors.