USED OS 8' 1905 Brunswick Pool Table


OS 8' Used Table 

1905 Brunswick 

In Used, but good condition.

Will include new cloth. Simonis Upgrade available.

Can be viewed in our showroom


Local Setup and Delivery in Washington ONLY.  Includes used accessories such as cues and a ball set, and your choice of NEW cloth color from the Championship Teflon Invitational line.  

The 1905 Brunswick pool table, crafted from sturdy oak and showcasing its original ivory sights despite its fair condition and heavy patina, possesses a timeless charm with its square-legged design. Each oak leg stands firm and stable, anchored by square-shaped feet that emphasize both functionality and aesthetic simplicity, typical of early 20th-century craftsmanship.

The table's frame and rails, also fashioned from oak, exhibit deep, natural grain patterns that have matured into a warm, aged patina over the decades. This patina lends depth and character to the wood, inviting tactile interaction with its well-loved surfaces. Despite the wear, the craftsmanship of the original ivory sights remains intact, offering a nod to the luxurious materials used in its construction.

The brass fittings have acquired a weathered, tarnished appearance that complements the table's natural patina. These fittings, adorned with their original ivory sights, maintain their historic allure and functionality, contributing to the table’s authenticity and aesthetic appeal.

The 1905 Brunswick pool table with square oak legs and original ivory sights epitomizes durability, rustic elegance, and antique charm. Its oak construction and square-legged design, coupled with the aged patina and original ivory sights, tell a story of craftsmanship and decades of enjoyment, making it a cherished centerpiece that bridges the past with the present.