Shot L-Style EZ L1 Viking Rannsaka Dart Flight Set


Flex Your Technique

Shot's collaborated with dart flight aces L-Style – to bring you more of this tough, great-looking range. Shot L Flights are super durable and always open at 90 degrees for perfect aerodynamics. Soft, flexible materials simplify fine-tuning, while the ingenious design eliminates Robin Hoods. The flights are adorned with designs from themes like Shot Celt, Viking and Zen. Cheers! With the integrated champagne ring, there's no need to buy extra rings or mess around with your setup. Just fix it to almost any nylon or plastic shaft, and put on your game face.

  • ‍Molded flights with Shot Designs. These flights will work with almost any nylon/plastic shaft at any length.
  • Pre-molded fins at 90 degrees allow for maximum accuracy.
  • Built-in cup prevents Robin Hoods, no need for separate champagne rings
  • Ultra-durable reinforced top and bottom edges reduce tearing and enable the flights to keep their shape.

SHAPE: L1 Standard


THICKNESS:150 Micron

QUANTITY: 3 flights per set