Shot Darts Flight Deck-One Piece Dart Flight and Shaft System- Clear

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Take the controls with an integrated dart flight and shaft system - with a difference. Constructed from an advanced composite polymer, Flight Deck is designed for optimal flexure and weight placement along the shaft and flight – for tighter dart groupings on the dartboard and better overall dart balance. For added strength, Shot's design team added a Carbon rod in its center to keep it taut and longer lasting. Flight Deck's intelligent, dynamic rotation on impact means reduced deflections, while fileted edges prevent collision damage and minimize stress point load. Robin Hoods are kept at bay, with no flight and shaft separation during play.

‍Size: Inbetween

‍See Diagram for lengths and weights. *Shaft length measurement does not include thread.


Carbon Reinforced

Dynamic Rotation

Composite Polymer

Optimal Flexure

Standard Size

350 Microns