Harrows Genesis Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

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  • Precision Engineered for Winners: The Genesis Darts set, with precision-machined tungsten, is designed for players aiming for victory. Its high traction grip and slim-line profile ensure close grouping and high scoring.
  • Tapered Design for Superior Grouping: Featuring a tapered nose, these darts promise closer grouping and higher scoring, making every throw count towards your win. Ideal for competitive dart players seeking an edge.
  • Enhanced Control with High Traction Grip: Experience unmatched control and consistency with the Genesis steel tip darts' high traction grip. They are perfect for dart players who demand precision in every throw.
  • Aerodynamic Flights for Consistency: Included are 3 Marathon Genesis Flights and Supergrip Shafts, ensuring firm flight grip and stability. This darts set is engineered to enhance your game's precision and consistency.
  • Versatile Dart Weight Options: Available in weights from 21-26g, this dart set caters to all levels of players, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, this set is the perfect choice for serious dart enthusiasts.