Gnarly Garlic Santa Maria Rub by B's Rubs


B's Gnarly Garlic is inspired by the historic grilling traditions of the West Coast. B's Santa Maria style coarse rub is bursting with savory garlic, tangy red bell peppers, and mild jalapeños. Gnarly Garlic is perfect for tri-tip, brisket, and all grilled meats or veggies. Use 1 tsp per side for steaks. Coat evenly and let it rest for a few hours for best results. Surf's up, catch the wave of amazing flavors. -B

Gnarly Garlic is the newest compliment to our coarse grind offerings like Rough Cut, one of our most popular rubs. 

Ingredients: Salt, onion, garlic, black pepper, red bell pepper, jalapeño, sunflower oil.

Gluten Free