58" Maple House Cue


Crafted exclusively from 100% North American Hard Rock Maple, this one-piece cue boasts authentic four-prong construction, ensuring consistent and solid hits every time. Suitable for both home and commercial environments, it spans a full 58 inches and is topped with a 13mm Lepro tip, enhancing precision ball control. The luminous high-gloss finish not only lends it a refined appearance but also shields it from scratches, fading, and potential warping.

Key Features:

  • Weight options: 18, 19, 20, and 21 oz.
  • Authentic Four-Prong Construction using 100% North American Hard Rock Maple
  • Standard 58-inch length for regulation play
  • Durable High-Impact Fiber Ferrule
  • Engineered for high-frequency use, whether residential or commercial
  • Protective High-Gloss Finish to combat wear and tear
  • Ready-to-use 13mm Lepro Tip, pre-shaped and scuffed for optimal performance
  • Equipped with a black rubber bumper for added protection.