Four Deck Card Shoe

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Fat Cat Four Deck Card Shoe
Keep your card games flowing fast just like the dealers in Vegas with the Fat Cat Card Shoe! This essential piece of card game equipment holds up to four decks, so you can cut down on time spent between games shuffling to keep the games coming. This ingenious design ensures that the dealer will need to play fair and honest, in a true game of skill by reducing the opportunities for sleight of hand. Made from durable acrylic, this card game accessory is sure to last for thousands of games.
  • Keep your cards together and play game after game with the same equipment the dealer’s use!
  • Durable acrylic shoe slides cards effortlessly forward for fast and fair deals.
  • Holds up to four decks of cards so you can reduce your time shuffling between games.
  • Keep the dealer honest and cut down on sleight of hand tricks.


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Fat Cat Four Deck Card Shoe
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  1. Fat Cat
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11.81"L x 4.33"W x 3.94"H
2.43 lbs