Jim Rempe Training Ball

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Pool Ball Billiards Cue Que Aramith Rempe Training

Pool Billiards Balls Cue Que Aramith Training Jim Rempe

Pool Ball Billiards Que Stick Cue Training Aramith Rempe

Utilizing expert training methods, the Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball helps players from beginners to pros use English to get the best possible cue ball position.

Each training ball has two sides. One side is the more advanced with multiple levels of spin, while the other side is more simplistic, making it perfect for the beginner trainee.

Instant feedback is provided using pool chalk. Aim, stroke, and then see if you hit where you aimed. The Aramith Jim Rempe Training Cue Ball can also be used with slow motion videography to get a full picture of your shot and areas that need improvement.

Pool Ball Billiards Cue Que Aramith Jim Rempe Training

The Aramith 2-1/4" regulation size training cue ball was developed by American Professional Pocket Billiards player Jim Rempe, who was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame. This cue ball is marked with rings and targets on the surface of the ball, allowing you to practice judging the effects of very particular amounts of sidespin, topspin, backspin and other forms of cue ball control. Intended to help players of all skill levels improve their game; one side of the cue ball is designed for beginners, and the opposite side provides instruction for advanced players. It's crafted from the highest quality phenolic resin which provides exceptional scratch and impact resistance. Each billiard ball adheres to the most stringent specifications in the industry, ensuring superior playability and durability.

Pool Billiards Training Ball Cue Que Training

Also included is a 56 page instruction manual which provides instruction on how to properly use the training patterns and offers additional tips and tricks to help you learn to control your cue stroke.